Beaver Creek


Six miles west of Dayton Virginia runs one of the most popular spring creeks in our area. Known for its accessibility, consistent water flows, wild populations of brook and rainbows (6″ – 15″ range), as well as stocked rainbows (14″ – 20+” range), Beaver Creek is always worth a trip.

Mossy Creek Fly Shop has this to say of Beaver Creek:

Beaver Creek is known for large insect hatches, especially tricos, blue wing olives, and sulphurs. The BWO’s and sulphurs will start in mid-late April and continue throughout the summer months. The tricos tend to be in full force by mid-late June and will be found until November some years! Terrestrial fishing during the summer months brings some of the best dry fly action. The adjacent meadows and pastures fill with large hoppers, crickets, Japanese beetles and ants. Nymph and streamer fisherman will be productive any time of year in the various riffles and deep holes.

Angling on Beaver Creek began as an agreement between our chapter and the local land owners. It’s a perfect example of cooperation and conservation.

  • Angling Method: Fly fishing only; catch and release only
  • Length: Approximately 2 miles
  • Open: Monday – Saturday year round (No Sunday fishing)


  • Permits: 4 per day, first come, first served in person basis on the day of fishing. Reservations cannot be made prior to the day of fishing.
  • A minimum donation of $10.00 to Trout Unlimited secures a permit. All proceeds from the permits go directly to the stocking and maintenance on Beaver Creek.
  • Angling activity only. No other activities are allowed.
  • No pets.
  • Get permits from 257 Grocery at 6939 Briery Branch Road, Dayton, VA

Rules and Regulations

  1. Fly fishing only with single hook artificial flies
  2.  Catch and release only – fish caught must be released to water immediately unharmed
  3. Parking is permitted ONLY in the Ottobine Elementary School parking lot, and must not impede normal traffic flow.
  4. Fishermen must remain within 15 feet of a stream bank at all times.
  5. Access stream only at designated fence crossings.
  6. No camping, campfires, or litter.
  7. Do not disturb livestock.
  8. Permits must be visible on outside of vests or garments.
  9. All funds received for issuing permits will be used to support and stock trout in the designated fishing area.



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