Beaver Creek Invitational

The Beaver Creek Invitational flyfishing tournament for veterans is an annual event sponsored by the Massanutten Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Flyfishing has a therapeutic effect and is an effective treatment for combat veterans who have PTSD. The BCI introduces veterans to the relaxing pleasures of flyfishing by providing veterans with equipment and instruction from an experienced flyfishing guide while fishing the waters of Beaver Creek. The daylong event begins in the morning with casting instructions for inexperienced anglers. After breakfast, ten teams of guided veterans fish the 2 ½ mile length of the Beaver Creek special regulation area, competing for prizes for the largest, most, and smallest fish.

The veterans enjoy a streamside lunch with a hot sandwich and homemade potato salad while relaxing in the shade of a large tent. The keynote speaker, frequently with a military background, thanks the veterans for their service. Previous speakers included Dr. Peter Brookes, Senior Fellow for National Security Affairs and a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under President George W. Bush, and Mr. Ray Maddox, a highly decorated Navy Seal with combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After lunch, a second round of fly fishing occurs for the veterans while chapter members prepare for the evening barbeque, select award winners, and distribute door prizes. The generous support of Shenandoah Valley merchants ensures that all the participants receive prizes and excellent food.