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Nov 14th: “Shenandoah Mountain: A Proposal to Protect our Wild Heritage”

  A native of West Virginia, Lynn Cameron has lived in the Shenandoah Valley for over 33 years. In 2010, Lynn retired from a career as a professional librarian at James Madison University. She is a past president and current board member of the Virginia Wilderness Committee and former Forest Issues Chair and Wilderness Chair … Continue reading

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Beaver Creek Closed: Saturday June 17th – PHWFF

2017 BEAVER CREEK MASS TU/PHWFF TOURNAMENT We are proud and excited to hold a well deserved fishing event for our local Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing participants. Teams from local organizations and land owners have been planning and putting forth much appreciated time and resources to make this happen. Participants will be guided by local anglers, fed … Continue reading

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Feb 14th: Tom Benzing–“Fishing for Landlocked Salmon and Large Brook Trout in Maine.”

  Tom Benzing is a professor in the Department of Integrated Science and Technology at James Madison University. Tom earned his PhD in crop and soil science/environmental toxicology from Michigan State University and he has worked as a research scientist for the South River Science Team and for the Shenandoah River Fish Kill Task Force. … Continue reading