Project Healing Waters



The Massanutten Trout Unlimited Chapter, together with Project Healing Waters provides fly fishing instruction to disabled veterans from the local VA Outpatient Clinics. These troopers suffer from physical and/or emotional problems that require ongoing therapy.

The program enhances the physical and emotional rehabilitation of veteran patients. Through Chapter member support and participation, positive results are continually brought to bear on the lives of these wounded warriors. The program consists of fly tying, casting instruction, rod building, and fly-fishing outings.

Massanutten TU members have the opportunity to give back to wounded and disabled service members and veterans at the annual Mossy Creek Invitational.  For more than four years Project Healing Waters  has held this event on the banks of Mossy Creek in Bridgewater, Virginia.  Wounded service members from various military and veteran’s hospitals in the region are paired with experienced fly fishers for a little friendly competition.


Club members are put to work monitoring catches, manning ATVs, hauling ice and water, working the raffle table, and just making sure our heroes have a safe and enjoyable day on the stream.  Volunteers are coordinated through Mossy Creek Fly Fishing which has been extremely generous in providing flies and equipment for the service members each year.



2 thoughts on “Project Healing Waters

  1. Good morning,
    I would like to donate some flies that were “hoarded” through the years, especially 2017. Please contact me if Project Healing Waters would /could give these to the soldiers? My thinking being, that it would be an opportunity “To Give Back” as the old timers would say.
    Thank you for all you do and “Tight Lines …and Sore Jaws”.

    R. Stearn
    United States Army (1970-1973)

  2. Hi Mr Stearn, thanks for your generous offer. I’ll contact you offline and give you the contact of our PHW coordinator.

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