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Dr. Peter Brookes “Fishing the Tidal Basin” Oct 9th
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Dr. Peter Brookes “Fishing the Tidal Basin” Oct 9th

Please join us on Tuesday, October 9 as D.C.-dweller Dr. Peter Brookes regales us with tall tales of the urban angler with his talk: “Yes, Mr. Jefferson, believe it or not you can fish in the Tidal Basin!” Thinking of himself as a “foreign policy geek by day and outdoor scribbler by night,” Dr. Brookes artfully combines a distinguished career … Continue reading

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Beaver Creek Closed April 28th 2018

In an expression of a our dedication and gratitude to our local veterans participating in the Shenandoah Valley Project Healing Waters program, we will be temporarily closing the creek for an invitational tournament. We appreciate your understanding and support. If you would like more information or to donate to Project Healing Waters Shenandoah Valley chapter … Continue reading