About Us

From Peaks to Valleys and Beyond

While our efforts focus mainly on protecting, conserving, restoring and reconnecting cold water fisheries, it’s been proven that doing so benefits a great deal more than our valued trout. From the top of Massanutten Mountain and surrounding peaks to the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay, water flows providing shelter, spawning grounds and sustenance to all manners of species. The Shenandoah Valley is home to a multitude of fauna and flora—all dependent upon clean water.

The importance of our work is revealed in the smiles of sporting anglers, trout-in-the-classroom participants, welcoming landowners, locals and visitors to our valley.

Membership Is The Beginning

You receive some very nice gifts for joining Trout Unlimited. But truthfully, some real gifts are the unique opportunities:

  • to familiarize yourself with local home waters, species and maybe pickup a tip or trick (maybe two) to land a few,
  • to meet some generous landowners,
  • to stock local waters,
  • to fish with a member,
  • to help educate local school children about the importance of clean water, respecting wildlife and enjoying the outdoors (Trout in the Classroom) and,
  • to bring a little happiness, maybe some peace to an armed services veteran through Project Healing Waters.

Consider joining MTU today!


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