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Save the Sampling Date!

We are participating in the Virginia Trout Stream Sensitivity Study on April 24-26. We have 37 sites to visit and take water samples. Some sites will require some hiking and a GPS would be helpful to find the sampling site. The sites were sampled 10 years ago and a tag was left on a tree which may not be there now.

Colleen Mason samples a stream in Shenandoah National Park for U.Va.’s Trout Stream Sensitivity Study. (Photo: Fariss Samarrai)

Sampling occurs April 24-26
Volunteers are needed to assist with 37 sites.
Sign up now

For our chapter, Michael Heatwole has volunteered to be the contact person and coordinate the sampling.  Please review the additional materials (below) and contact Michael if you have any questions.  If you are ready to sign up to sample one or more sites, then email Michael at

He can provide you with a list of the sites and GPS coordinates including directions.   Most of the sites are in Rockingham County west of Harrisonburg, but there are a few in Page County.  Thanks for the help and let’s do our part to make this successful.

Please review these documents and contact Michael with questions.