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Until We Meet Again

We are saddened to report that long-time Massanutten Trout Unlimited member and MTU Board member Kemper Eagle passed away Friday, March 8. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kemper’s wife Rosemarie and the Eagle family in this time of mourning. Please check the Daily New Record for additional information.

Several members can boast a story or two having spent time with Kemper stream side wetting a line or taking water samples. I was always met with a kind word, well placed thought and a smile from Kemper. And always walked away with a new bit of knowledge. I will miss him surely.

The Eagle picking up some prey to be carefully released back to its home on Beaver Creek. Kemper cared a great deal for the resource and set a lasting example.

Colby Trow recounts, “January 2005 East End Grand Bahama on Sweetings Cay with Dr. Harper, Dr. Rust, John Raker, Kemper Eagle, I remember my day on the boat with Kemper well. I held the back of his jacket for 6 hours straight to keep his feet planted on the bow until he caught a few big bonefish. The excitement of landing those fish was as enthusiastic as anyone catching their first fish. Great memories.” 

Kemper displaying some well honed patience waiting for bonefish with Colby.

We’ll stand where you stood, wet our lines and smile having known you imparted to each of us a bit of yourself. And if we’re patient we might just release a fish you caught and cared for. Thank you Kemper!

Kemper with a load of water samples from Virginia mountain streams collected back in the year 2010.