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Massanutten TU Upcoming Events 2019

January 22
Annual Landowners Dinner
Wood Grill Buffet | Directions
Harrisonburg, 6:00 PM
Massanutten Chapter of Trout Unlimited annually hosts a buffet dinner for the landowners who grant access to Beaver Creek and Mossy Creek fly fishermen. Join other MTU members on January 22 as we thank the families who grant fly fishing on their property through agreements with VDGIF and Massanutten Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Beaver Creek in Ottobine VA is our home water. Shared and cared for by all.

February 22
Iron Fly competition
Pale Fire Micro-Brewery | Directions
Harrisonburg 6:00 PM
Iron Fly is fly tying meets Iron Chef as tiers “compete” in a battle of partying skills and bobbin prowess to make the ultimate fish snack from the same set of mystery ingredients. Iron Fly is not about how great of a tier somebody is. It is a way to get together, have fun, and show people that fly fishing is a great way to spend the evening with your friends. Last year’s Iron Fly Competition was standing room only, so you will want to come early.

Iron Fly events introduce many to fly fishing and give more seasoned tyers some interesting challenges. Ever tied a woolly bugger blind folded?

March 22 or 23
F3T Fly Fishing Film tour
Exact date and time will be announced later
The F3T is a one of a kind experience. Each year fishy folks of all ages gather in big cities and small towns alike to soak up films from around the world, spin a few yarns amongst friends and dream about casts yet unmade. In our 13th annual lap around the globe, the 2019 Fly Fishing Film Tour will make its way to theaters in more than 175 cities in eight countries. The F3T Film Tour sold out last year, so you will want to purchase your tickets as soon as the date and location are settled.

April 9
Dr. Tom Benzing
The Proposed Virginia Wild Trout Management Plan
Exact date and time will be announced later
The VDGIF Virginia Wild Trout Management Plan is the first comprehensive plan developed for wild trout in Virginia. The plan is intended to provide overall direction, goals, and objectives for wild trout management. The plan was developed with input from a committee of key stakeholders. Dr. Benzing, a James Madison University faculty member who studies trout habitat professionally, served as VTU’s representative on the stakeholder committee that advised VDGIF throughout the development of the Wild Trout Management Plan.

Salvelinus fontinalis. Every one is a gem to be treasured and protected.

May 14
Blane Chocklett
Articulated Streamers for Large Fish
Exact date and time will be announced later
Blane Chocklett began fly fishing in 1985 on a small mountain stream not far from his home in Blue Ridge, Virginia. Eight years later, he started his own freelance guide service. In 1996, Blane opened Blue Ridge Fly Fishers, a full-service fly shop located in Roanoke, Virginia. Blane is the Southeast Regional Field Editor for Fly-Fisherman Magazine. He has written and been featured in a variety of publications. He has also been featured on multiple television shows including, The Hunt For Big Fish, with Larry Dahlberg, In The Loop Fly Fishing, and a few others. Blane was recently honored as one of the “50 Most Influential Fly Fishers of the Past Five Decades” by Fly Fisherman Magazine.

Blane Chocklett is well known for his innovation in patterns and materials. Never miss a chance to see him.