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Andrij Horodysky – Umpqua’s mad professor cometh Nov 13th!

Creator of several flies based on his years as a fish biologist, Andrij Horodysky (Umpqua’s mad professor) has nurtured a burning desire since his first bluegill at age three to learn HOW fishes work – what variables drive their movements, what they eat and how it changes in space and time, how they see and what they hear, and how he can get the edge on his fishing partners.


Inspired by the creative mastery of Mercer, Burke, Popovics, Craven, Chocklett, and Barr, Andrij approaches fly design like he approaches his career as a fisheries scientist – thinking intensely from the fish’s perspective.


ANDRIJ HORODYSKY developed the Mopsicle which has fooled many a fish.

Presently an Assistant Professor at Hampton University, Andrij’s research career has ranged from chasing marlin around the Caribbean’s high seas with satellite tags, flashing lights at fish eyes and sounds at fish ears, and rigging security cameras, beauty mirrors, and yoga mats to measure fish temperature preferences.

Andrij’s patterns are born of scientific observations and experiments; his “Sci-fly”tying philosophy applies tenets of aquatic optics and fish vision unlike any tyer in the industry. Combining light-bending synthetics to give impressions of movement with the breathability and silhouette of natural materials, he developed the Angora Shrimp, Brasstards, Epoxy Mudbug, Nitro Caddis Pupa, Mohawk Beetle, Mopsicle, Ripcord Caddis, and Toadfish. His uniquely engineered patterns exploit vulnerabilities in fish sensory systems and are ruthlessly effective worldwide in fresh and salt.

When not professing in front of a classroom, Andrij can be found pontificating astream to his wonderfully forgiving fisheries biologist wife Karen or his retired academic fishing partners about what colors fish see, how differently the same fly contrasts depending on the angle of the sun, or about the underappreciated nature of Belgian brown ales, West Virginia apple moonshine, Ukrainian vodkas, and Islay single malts.

Andrij’s creative interdisciplinary research has resulted in 25 scientific publications in the fields of fish behavior, sensory ecology, and conservation as well as numerous awards and honors from scientific and angler organizations. In 2009, Andrij penned an invited article about fish vision for the International Game Fishing Association’s Book of World Records. He has been an Associate Editor of the North American Journal of Fisheries Management since 2010 and has served as an on-field postgame effects confetti-shooting specialist for Super Bowls XXXIX, XLI, XLIII, and XLIV.

This is sure to be an entertaining and educational event.

All meetings are FREE to attend and open to the public.

Join us for a buffet style dinner at 5:30 at the Capital Ale House, 41 Court Square in Harrisonburg on Tuesday, November 13 and to meet informally with Andrij before his presentation.

Then listen to his 7:00 lecture on fish vision where Andrij will also demonstrate how to tie several of his ground-breaking fly patterns. 

Get directions to the Capital Ale House Harrisonburg here