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Oct 10th: Brian Trow–“Hatches, all year long.”


Ever wonder what was popping off the water as fish rise all around you? Ever turn over a river rock and wonder just what you were looking at? Or experience that sinking feeling when nothing in your fly box seems to work?

This is a presentation every trout angler needs to attend. Learn what major food hatches are available month by month in Virginia.

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Brian Trow is the 36 year old co-owner of Mossy Creek Fly Fishing. He began fly fishing and tying at the age of 10. He has been teaching and guiding fly fisherman for 15 years. Brian has a passion for restoring the local waters, and is very involved with Trout Unlimited. Serving on the national board of trustees for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing allows him to give back to veterans through our wonderful sport. He loves the great relationships developed with “friends” of the shop over the years, and that is why he continues to be such an active guide. When he is not busy at the shop, teaching, or guiding, you will find him at home with his wonderful wife and two boys, right on the banks of Mossy Creek.

Meetings are held at:

Journey Christian Fellowship
2429 John Wayland Highway
Harrisonburg, VA. 22801

Here is a link to Google Maps to chart your own directions.

Meeting starts at 7pm and is FREE and open to the public.

Please note that if you are going south on John Wayland Highway (Route 42) you will have to go past to Grace Chapel Rd and turn around to come North.  Only the North Bound lane allows entry into the business park where the meeting location is.  Please note the meeting location is behind the Sign Pro location that fronts Route 42 and is not very visible from the road.