Beaver Creek / water issues

Beaver Creek Cleanup: Saturday Oct 22nd


A familiar sight for many.

If you can recognize this view then you understand just how wonderful a place Beaver Creek is. But, it’s not always pretty. Sometimes storms flow in debris or people leave a few things behind. Whatever the cause, we need to take sometime to clean things up. We hope many of you can come and give back in a big way by doing a small part.

Saturday, October 22nd

800am – (approx) 12:00pm


Meet at Jerry Black’s property which is located on Waggy’s Creek Road right across from the Ottobine School parking lot on the west side of the school. You can either park in the school parking lot or drive up Jerry’s driveway and park in the grass near the bridge.  For a Google Map location click here.


  • We need to pickup some trash that has been washed into the area from recent high waters.


  • Waders, gloves, trash bags
  • Your call, but kids old enough to walk along banks without too much help or adult supervision are welcome.
  • Water and food can be bought at 257 Grocery