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Beaver Creek Hosts Veterans





Recently the MassTU sponsored PHW Shenandoah Valley Chapter hooked up with the James Madison Fly Fishers group for a Sunday fun day of camaraderie and casting. 


Vets, guides and friends gathered on  a glorious, but slightly chilly, early fall  Sunday morning at Beaver Creek near Harrisonburg, VA to chase trout (plus chubs, largemouth bass, and mythical Moby Dicks) on the fly.  The fly of choice for landing some 20+ in rainbows seemed to be the Girdle Bug stonefly nymph that aided anglers in bringing these amazing fish to hand in what-has-to-be a highly pressured stretch of stream right in front of the parking area. (Note to self: Buy some of those flies–ASAP).

According to the fuzzy recollection of Grand Trout Poobah and PHWSV PL Bill Cartwright, the winner’s in the following categories for the day were:

“Most trout hooked”: Paul Valentine

“Biggest Fish”: John Jenkins

“Smallest fish”: Dave Wiggins

“Best photographer”: Ryan Sompayrac

“Best Guide”: Dave Anderson

“Best Fibber”: Will Helmick

A special thank you goes out to: “Best Landowner,” and TU Board Member Jerry Black, for securing  the vets access to this fabulous property; “Best Volunteer Group,” the James Madison University Fly Fishing Club, both for getting up early on Sunday and their generous gifts for the vets; the guides who get the “Patience of Job” award for helping the vets wet a line; and, of course, Bill “Whale of a Tale” Cartwright, our fearless leader.


It’s certainly an honor to see the hard work done by Massanutten TU Chapter on Beaver Creek being put to good use to help our veterans.