Project Healing Waters

Project Healing Waters: First Quater-Year Report 2015

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Considerable progress has been made during the quarter to help the disabled veterans with their recovery. Caring and dedicated volunteers have freely given just under 1400 hours in support of the warriors. Likewise, individuals and organizations have funded 16 tying classes, 3 casting sessions, and 14 fishing outings.

The Chapter’s PHW program has flourished both to the commitment of 37 volunteers going the extra mile. Many thanks go to the Staunton VFW Post and its Commander for continuing to provide excellent quarters for fly-tying. Ample kudos goes to the South River Fly Shop principals for their donations and guided fishing excursions. The Dominion Foundation funded the recent fishing outing to the Susie Q. Likewise, a “job well done” goes to Gary Collins and Danny Ledford for teaching fly-tying to the veterans. One vet was awarded participation at the Mossy Creek Invitational with all expenses paid. A special thanks is due to all of the program’s supporters. The Lions Foundation of Massanutten earmarked $600 for outings. Cynthia Patzig donated a fly-ting desk and tying materials. Richard Landreth for contributing books and equipment. Arthur Schlappi paid a $400 entrance fee for two vets to compete in the South River One, plus One Competition. Last but not least, sincere thanks must go to Marty and the U.S. Marines at Quantico for supplying badly needed tying materials.

The program now has a website. The site was developed thanks to the creativity and dedication of Ricardo Lianez… an active Board Member and happy fisherman. If you would like to visit the program’s website go to:

As the program continues to grow, the sponsored activities will expand. If you would like to contribute your time and expertise, your help will really be appreciated. Should you prefer to make a very small donation to the Chapter, it will earmarked strictly for the vets. Either way, please contact Bill Cartwright, PHW Program Leader at (540) 432-0607, or email him at:


Bill Cartwright, MTU Board Member

Phone: (540) 432-0607