Project Healing Waters

Project Healing Waters: Mid-Year Report

During the last few months, the Massanutten Chapter’s Project Healing Waters Program has made steady progress. Over 28 Shenandoah Valley disabled veterans began to put their physical and emotional lives on a more positive footing. In two cases, the vets have started to rebuild their family and marriage relationships.

The Chapter’s Program has blossomed thanks to the 1,100 hours that the 20 helpers have freely given of their time and know-how. Many thanks are due to Gary Collins and Richard Faust for their expertise in helping vets learn how to tie flies. Countless kudos go to Tommy Lawhorne of the South River Fly Shop for his donations, fly-casting instruction, and guided excursions. Last but not least, many thanks goes to Jerry Black for allowing the vets to use his Beaver Creek Property and his guiding patience at Dunlap Creek.

To date, the program has provided 22 casting sessions and 14 fishing outings for the Valley’s wounded warriors and disabled vets. Many thanks to the individuals and organizations that provided contributions and grants to the program. Particular thanks goes to the Lions of Massanutten for their large, multi-year donation.

The Project Healing Water’s Program is an excellent way to get out to some fishing spots and share your comradely and expertise with disabled veterans. Please contact me if you need more information on volunteering with our Project Healing Waters Program.


Bill Cartwright, Program Leader

Phone: (540) 432-0607