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2014 Land Owner’s Dinner: Giving Back

Just a few of our honored guests.

Just a few of our honored guests.

It’s refreshing to know we have built relationships with our chapter’s land owners that allow us to continue improving, maintaining and enjoying our local our waters. The recent 2014 Land Owner’s dinner is just a small way we show our appreciation.

I was unable to make the event, but a good showing of 59 cheerful souls (42 land owners, three VGDIF staffers, Seth Coffman and 13 MTU members) gathered to share a meal, smiles and good conversation.

Presentations were made and a fun filled raffle was held at the end with every family taking home a prize.

“The landowners are critical in TU’s conservation efforts to preserve our national fisheries. A special thanks to all the landowners in the Shenandoah valley for their continued support of TU’s environmental efforts.”
— Bob Holloway, MTU Board Member

It goes without saying that we all owe a special debt of gratitude to our local land owners as well as a commitment to them and their land. Besides respecting the rules that have been established (accessing both our local chapter supported waters requires permits and a few other regulations), but respecting the land is paramount to maintaining access. Be mindful of your path, pick up trash (not just yours) and report any poaching or misuse that you witness.

For information on fishing Beaver Creek, click here. Information on Mossy Creek is coming soon.

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