Past Monthly Meetings

Oct. 8th Meeting: Work Session


This years meetings will be held on the JMU East Campus, ISAT building. Room 148 in the front section of the building.

Among the many veterans of the chapter, a few new faces popped up, Tom Sadler the new chapter president included. Tom got right to business familiarizing everyone with his storied and impressive past involvement with conservation and present connections with many many local efforts—not all related to fly fishing. Get to know  more about Tom Sadler here.

The rest of the meeting was spent organizing members into productive committees that will focus on specific initiatives. The results of which will be made accessible to the membership at large once the board has had a short time to agree with assignments.

Despite the scheduling mix up (Steve Reeser of VGDIF was slated to speak) the meeting was very entertaining, educational and successful in familiarizing everyone with Tom’s style of leadership. Needless to say we’re poised to make a lot of progress in a short period of time.

NOTE: If anyone is interested in joining any of the committees below please contact us at your earliest convenience. We believe we are each our greatest asset to furthering the missions of our chapter—ideas are a plenty, but hands are few. Please consider playing an active role (experience is not necessary, but it helps):

Communications: This committee is responsible for the chapter web site, newsletter and social networks.

Membership: This committee is responsible for membership services, membership lists and efforts to recruit and retain members.

Education: This committee is responsible for education programs, youth activities and the chapter speaker program.

Conservation: This committee is responsible for activities and projects that directly support Trout Unlimited’s conservation agenda.

Financial Development: This committee is responsible for chapter fundraising and the chapter’s financial affairs.

Nominating: This committee shall assist the Board of Directors and officers with leadership development and submit a slate of candidates for elections.

Contact Massanutten TU About Joining  Committee


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