Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Restoration

Beaver Creek Restoration 2010

This is what the stretch of Beaver Creek above looks like NOW after Seth Coffman from TU, Larry Mohn from VDIGF, Jerry Black from Massanutten TU, and the rest of our chapter helped out with the restoration project on Beaver Creek.

The creek is now half as wide, twice as deep, has meanders … with increased water flow and no… silt! This is one of just a few projects on the drawing board for the Valley!
~ Colby Trow, Mossy Creek Fly Fishing

This project was funded by Chesapeake Bay Trust, Fish America, National Oceanic and Atmospheric  administration, VA Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and TU Embrace A Stream.

We would like to especially thank Seth Coffman and Trout Unlimited’s Shenandoah Headwaters Home Rivers Initiative, and Larry Mohn with the Virginia Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries for the stream restoration design and supervision of the field work.


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